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STAUF SMP 930 Wood Flooring Adhesive, 18kg is a 1-component hard elastic SMP wood flooring adhesive according to ISO 17178 for parquet flooring. It is ideal for subfloor-friendly gluing work of solid boards and multi-layer parquet. Even floorboards with a width-thickness ratio of 7:1 can be bonded reliably.


It is suitable for:


  • Vertical finger parquet, min. 16 mm thickness
  • Solid planks, with relation width/thickness max 7:1
  • Multiple layer wood flooring
  • Mosaic parquet flooring
  • Wood strip flooring, max. 75x600 mm, min. 14 mm thickness
  • Subfloor heating system

The adhesive is hard elastic,tension-reducing parquet bonding. It can be applied to almost all substrates without primers. The excess adhesive is easy to remove. It is water and solvent-free, with no wood swelling.


Coverage 16 M2

Stauf SMP 930

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