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Universal parquet soap based on natural oils for regular maintenance of oiled floors. Flooring soap cleans and nourishes the floor and provides extra water-resistant protection coating.



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Ciranova Flooring Soap

  • Mix 4 or 5 caps of Ciranova® Flooring Soap with 10 liters of water. Apply with a moist mop, in line with the length of the wood. Wring out the dirty mop and rinse it in a second bucket with clean water. Wiping is not necessary.

    Weekly maintenance with Flooring Soap Ciranova is recommended.

  • 6 x 750 ml
    CLEANING Water
    COVERAGE 4300 sq.ft./L
    DISPOSAL Dispose of residue and empty packaging in accordance with local ordinances.
    DRYING TIMES 1 hour
    MIXING RATIO 4 or 5 caps per 10 liters of warm water
    NUMBER OF COLORS Clear, colorless and white
    PH 8
    PRODUCT TYPE waterborne
    SHELF LIFE 12 months in the original and unopened packaging.
    STORAGE/TRANSPORT between 5°C and 25°C
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