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Crafted for elegance and durability, our Cheltenham Oak wood flooring range boasts 16 captivating colors to elevate your space. From timeless classics to modern hues, discover the perfect shade to complement your style.


Uncompromising quality meets aesthetic excellence in every plank, ensuring a luxurious and enduring foundation for your interiors. Explore our Cheltenham Oak collection now and transform your home with the warmth and beauty of nature. Cheltenham Oak is avaliable in Plank, Herringbone or Chevron.


Cheltenham Oak Wood Flooring Specifications:


Material: European Oak

Backing: Birch

Finish: Hardwax Oil Surface

Texture: Brushed Grades: Rustic A, Nature, Prime

Wear Layer Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm

Installation Methods: Floated, Fully Stuck, Nailed

Compatibility: Compatible with Underfloor Heating


Additional Features:


  • Versatile Grades: Choose from Rustic A, Nature, or Prime.
  • Customizable Wear Layer: 3mm, 4mm, or 6mm options.
  • Easy Installation: Floated, fully stuck, or nailed.
  • Enhanced Finish: Hardwax oil for protection and a natural feel.
  • Surface Appeal: Brushed texture adds a distinctive touch.
  • Heating Compatibility: Suitable for underfloor heating systems.

Cheltenham CT11

  • How to Clean and Maintain Your  Oiled Wood Floor

    Cleaning your oiled wood floor on a regular basis will keep it looking wonderful. Because the oil has special requirements in contrast to other finishes, correctly maintaining your floor is critical.

    Follow these easy guidelines to keep your floor looking great

    Daily: Dry cleaning

    You’ll need a vacuum, scissors mop, or soft-bristled brush for this, and we recommend doing it on a daily basis. This step is critical because it removes any abrasive particles of sand or dirt that can scratch the floor as a result of foot traffic, furniture legs, or other objects dragged across the surface. Clean along the grain of the floor to remove any dust trapped in it.

    Weekly: Damp cleaning

    We suggest that you do this at least once a week. Just slightly dampen the mop with Ciranova Flooring Soap. . Wipe away any extra moisture immediately, since this will prevent the floor boards’ joints from getting wet. Regular usage will improve the resistance of your floor to dirt and sign of wear.

    Occasionally: Finish refreshing

    When there are obvious indications of wear, we recommend using Ciranova Maintenance Oil in a thin layer with a pad or cloth. It removes tough stains and refreshes all in one with its natural oils and hard waxes, thanks to light buffing.

    Monthly: Soap washing

    Clean the surface using Ciranova Flooring Soap. This soap is highly concentrated, so it ensures maximum dirt resistance.
    Mix 4 to 5 capfuls of 10-liter lukewarm water. With a floor cloth in the direction of the wood, apply the cleaning solution to the wood. The filthy floor cloth should be rinsed in clean water. Never use water to clean the surface afterward; you’ll lose your protective layer.
    Use once a month depending on the degree of grime. The more it’s used, the better it is at keeping dirt out.

    Yearly: Intensive cleaning

    For a more thorough clean to remove internal and external filth and stains, we suggest using Ciranova Intensive Cleaner, which loosens dirt and is subsequently wiped away with clear water. Never use too much water; it will harm the floor. After utilizing Ciranova Intensive Cleaner, apply a layer of maintenance oil.

    Yearly: Re-oiling

    There isn’t a specific timetable for re-oiling, but it is ideal if this can be done at least once a year in typical domestic circumstances.
    The floor may require re-oiling based on the following indicators:

    • The timber appears to be dry, and the grain is more apparent.
    • Floors are readily dirty.
    • Floors have visible wear.
    • Scratches on the surface

    If your floor requires re-oiling, do the following:

    • After you’ve cleaned the floor (following the guidelines from above), allow it to dry fully.
    • Apply a light layer of Ciranova  Maintenance Oil to the surface using a lint-free cloth or brush, taking care not to overdo it.
    • Work in the direction of the wood grain and in little sections at a time to make things easier.
    • Wipe down the hardwood with a dry cotton cloth; this should provide a matte finish a result.
    • To even out the sheen and improve it, buff with a polishing machine.
    • The floor should be dry enough to withstand light foot traffic after 3-4 hours (according to a temperature of 20℃).
    • It will take up to 7-10 days for the floor to fully cure. Do not wet the floor and avoid high foot traffic during this period.

    Maintaining an oiled floor is simple, quick, and inexpensive. It usually does not need any sanding, and basic cleaning of the surface is sufficient. Anyway, it’s critical to clean and maintain your oiled wood floor properly, using the appropriate products. We’ve discovered  Ciranova have the greatest solutions.

    If you require any further information on caring for your wood floor please feel free to call 01453 374114 or use the contact form